Celebrating 200 years of Peugeot - SCOOP & SPOON
02 February 2014

Celebrating 200 years of Peugeot

SCOOP & SPOON have helped Peugeot celebrate more than two hundred years of history with a unique Website that reflects Peugeot’s own evolution and the core values of the brand that combine motion and emotion.

They wanted to show off the remarkable story of their brand with the relaunch of the existing Peugeot History site that was first launched in 2010. One of the key points was to show how innovation has been a consistent theme of their success throughout their history.

We thought that a beautifully designed chronological timeline approach would be the best way to show Peugeot’s evolution over time. We wanted to keep at the forefront the fact that emotion has always been central to the Peugeot motoring experience (emotion and excellence).

We designed and developed a parallax scrolling site with animated cars showing Peugeot models by year with changing townscape backgrounds.

This entertaining, informative and memorable user experience reflects Peugeot’s evolution and the “Peugeot experience” perfectly. Peugeot’s “motion & emotion“ strapline is nicely visualised to represent the brand’s core values.