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05 March 2021

A Day of Concentration

Time seems to stand still. The sounds of my surroundings fade away. I focus my gaze and a feeling of calm comes over me – this is concentrated work. I’m building a puzzle. All the pieces are in front of me, jumbled and loose. I try to make sense of it, to work my way towards a complete picture – part by part.

I approach my work the same way. Gathering numbers, measuring, comparing and understanding. From this, reports emerge. Reports that provide important information and influence decisions.

The phone rings – no, not now. My colleague picks up, and I turn back to my work. Where was I? Oh there. I am focused again. I can spend hours like this, chasing numbers (or puzzle pieces) to gain insights. Where were we economically this time last year? Where are we now? Today, based on these numbers, I am making a projection report. I’m looking to see where we could be this time next year.

Voices reach my ear. Someone asks me something. I answer, and then get back to the fun. What did we spend on further education last month? It’s nice to know that my colleagues are expanding their knowledge, and that we can support their further training financially. Well invested, this is added value that flows back into the company.

A sip of coffee. I’m glad we invested in the better coffee machine, too. What else did we invest in last year? New, ergonomic office chairs – our backs are grateful.

While our backs feel better, in this job it’s not enough to rely on our feelings. They may be right most of the time, but an organization need the certainty it gets from numbers, data and facts. These come from the accounting department, the centre of information, the place where all the functions of a business come together and are connected. The place of concentration.

The point of all of this focused work is not just the final result – the finished puzzle. It’s also how we get there. Some of the puzzle pieces are easy to find and put together. Others are harder to spot, and their meaning only emerges when the pieces around them start to fall into place. These challenges are all part of the journey toward piecing together the overall picture. And to get there I need to stay focused.

Projection report almost complete. One last look to check over all the pieces, and I see  – it all fits.

Export file, save, present.

A finished puzzle.

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