A taste of Prishtina - SCOOP & SPOON
02 November 2020

A taste of Prishtina

When Simon Haidenbauer, SCOOP Platform Manager at SCOOP & SPOON, travelled to Prishtina for a workshop, he discovered not only the remarkable future potential of the SCOOP 360°, but also the wonderful hospitality and exceptional cuisine.

When we arrived at Prishtina airport late in the evening, Korab Qerkini, COO of SCOOP & SPOON, insisted on giving us a big welcome tour. Korab knows the city inside out and he is familiar with the local people. Part of his family tree originates in Prishtina, and he not only comes there for holidays as frequently as possible, but also helps to build a standalone SCOOP & SPOON office in this city.

At the workshops with the development team in Prishtina, we dedicated ourselves to exploring the further potential of the SCOOP 360° on the SCOOP platform. To do so, we have first integrated the existing backlog within the reverse engineering requirements. The high demand for the SCOOP 360° previously required the use of the rapid prototyping software; now we have an excellent opportunity to apply the obtained knowledge. We also talked about the technical challenges and the way they were resolved to implement requirements such as hyper-connected multi-image 360° photosphere views, polygon hotspots, hotspot navigation and social media integration.

As the SCOOP Platform Manager, my job is to ensure that the focus on the essentials can be maintained throughout the entire development process of the platform and all the necessary DevOps disciplines, such as requirements engineering, analysis, implementation, deployment and operation – by all people involved: this is where we build a marketing platform. Marketing was made possible here.

During the workshop, we captured the relevant SCOOP 360° potential through the user stories (e.g., “As a manager, I want my data room to be updated in real time, so I always keep up to date with the developments”, “As a manager, I would like to receive push notifications to be informed about the current developments”).

After the workshop, Korab showed us the city – people and the hospitality, the university, bars, streets and the gap between wealth and poverty.

Dining at the Tiffany restaurant we simply put our trust in the chef, and he treated us to some sensational dishes whose names I will never be able to remember. But I will keep these beautiful memories of the city in my mind and for me, the SCOOP 360° will always have a taste of Prishtina.

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