SCOOP & SPOON developed Cycling Data Room for ABUS - SCOOP & SPOON
10 July 2019

SCOOP & SPOON developed Cycling Data Room for ABUS

SCOOP & SPOON puts cycling in a completely new perspective and develops a data room for ABUS featuring the Tour de France.

As a leading expert in bicycle safety, ABUS is worldwide known for its aerodynamic and ultra-light bicycle helmets and is therefore the official helmet sponsor of one of the most successful professional cycling teams in the world. In order to underline ABUS’ leading role in the performance of the Movistar team, SCOOP & SPOON developed a digital communication strategy in time for the Tour de France 2019, which emphasises the international expertise of ABUS.

The core of this strategy is the innovative ABUS Cycling Data Room, which offers cycling enthusiasts the unique opportunity to obtain information on the current status of the Tour de France – from a secure and reliable source. Thanks to SCOOP & SPOONs intelligent data processing and visualization technologies users can view the latest race results, track information and even details of the Movistar team for each stage in the data room.

Moreover, the smart marketing platform brings the high-quality ABUS products interactively and conclusively into focus. The 360° data room combines the enthusiasm for the world’s most prestigious bicycle races with the trustworthiness of the ABUS brand in a unique digital environment.

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