#alleyesonus Graduate Class Use Prom as Hurricane Fundraiser - SCOOP & SPOON

    #AllEyesOnUs18 for Dominica

    Idea & Strategy

    In 2017 Hurricane Maria wrought havoc on the Caribbean island of Dominica. More than a year later, the devastation is still unmissable. This tragedy inspired the graduation classes of the Sacré Coeur School in Graz, Austria, to do something special to help those in need. At their ‘All Eyes On Us’ prom, the young graduates will put the needs of the victims of Hurricane Maria at centre stage as they invite prom visitors to set all eyes on them and their counterparts in Dominica – with a charity project that takes on a global issue by responding to this major climate change disaster.

    SCOOP & SPOON is supporting the youngsters’ admirable endeavour by building a digital platform (website and app) with social media support and a hashtag campaign. To spread the word of their charitable activities prior to – and on the night of – their prom on November 10, 2018. In the spirit of this goodwill effort, we are providing this service free of charge. Additionally, SCOOP & SPOON is helping the graduates to organise an event they will never forget, with a prom magazine, a final photoshoot for the graduating classes and with continuous local PR support to raise awareness.

    Prom Night & The Good Cause

    For the first time in the longstanding tradition of the Sacred Heart school in Graz, the student committee has decided to use their graduation ball as a platform for a charitable cause. Two charity campaigns have been organised to raise money to help the survivors of Hurricane Maria. There will be a silent auction for a painting by famous Caribbean artist ‘Uncle Earl’ Earl Etienne and a traditional midnight performance dedicated to the victims of the hurricane, to be followed by a fundraiser. The proceeds from both campaigns will go directly to an education programme for young people in Dominica and to the blood bank of Princess Margaret Hospital in the island’s capital, which was entirely destroyed by the hurricane.

    Heading the student’s project is Darrel Toulon, renowned ballet director and chief choreographer of the dance company of the Graz Opera. Born in Dominica himself, the project is naturally very close to his heart and he is choreographing the midnight performance. Highlighting the compassion of the young graduates, the performance is being accompanied by texts that have been written by teenagers (aged 17 and up) from Dominica, which describe their experiences before, during and after the Category 5 hurricane.


    Fundraising will take place on the night of the prom on November 10, 2018, and the final results will be provided after the event. But this much we already know: the #AllEyesOnUs18 prom will be a night to remember for the students, and with their two charity campaigns they will raise money for Dominica’s young people, whose futures on the Caribbean island have been jeopardized by Hurricane Maria.