AVL Global Vehicle Benchmarking App - SCOOP & SPOON
02 May 2014

AVL Global Vehicle Benchmarking App

For the 35th edition of the prestigious International Vienna Motor Symposium, SCOOP & SPOON developed interactive presentation software for touch tables so that AVL employees could easily explain the AVL Global Vehicle Benchmarking Program to their customers. Vehicles from different manufacturers are measured and compared on ten key properties. The evaluation is then presented with scatter bands.
The system was designed for exhibitions and presentations at various events. With an intuitive navigation concept based on the key visuals of the vehicle benchmarking design, both AVL employees and prospective customers can use the app. Swipe and touch gestures allow access to individual subcategories of the benchmarking program, where advanced information is provided via multimedia content. Thanks to the app, the depth and complexity of AVL’s technical expertise is made easy to understand and presented in a visually appealing way.
The innovative ALV Global Vehicle Benchmarking App is iPad-optimised, enhancing the presentation experience even further.