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    The Challenge

    Historic brands are strong, but they can face the risk of looking outdated, unless they engage with succeeding generations of customers. This is partly a matter of style but it is also – and increasingly – a matter of technology. The challenge was to help these four traditional brands to use multiple channels – both digital and classic – to communicate the same brand values in new and exciting ways.

    Our Strategy

    Our strategy in all cases was to integrate communication channels so the digital experience of the brand is completely compatible with every other experience.

    The digital version of Sacher should have precisely the same values as someone visiting the hotel in Vienna. Print products also had to be integrated into the digital offering. Target audiences should have the feeling that they can now engage with these famous companies on their own terms – wherever they are and whenever they want.


    “Audiences should feel that they can now engage with these famous companies on their own terms”

    The Insight

    These businesses have lasted for so long because they are built on firm foundations. The goal was not to change those foundations but to communicate them in a new way; to make the same brand values digitally accessible so people experience the feeling of engaging with the brand – either in person or by using a tablet or smartphone.

    In the digital age, brands are increasingly losing their distinctiveness; we knew that it was most essential for brands to retain their distinctiveness – and this we made our top priority.


    700years of history
    4classic austrian brands 
    7 multi- channel projects


    Hotel Sacher

    The Hotel Sacher is more than just a hotel. It is an icon of Vienna and Austria, renowned for its history, its style and its grand luxury. SCOOP & SPOON has helped to transfer all the great, iconic brilliance of a traditional brand onto a modern, multi-channel digital platform, including a print magazine and app that are all connected to one another.

    Spanish Riding School

    The Spanish Riding School is one of the great Austrian institutions. As a traditional riding school for Lipizzan horses, it is also a major tourist attraction, and in 2015 it celebrates its 450th anniversary. SCOOP & SPOON updated the website of the riding school and turned it into a cornerstone of a wider multi-channel communication platform.

    Hotel Bristol

    Hotel Bristol is a beautiful, historic hotel in the heart of Vienna. SCOOP & SPOON helped the hotel to develop a wine menu app that showcases their commitment to their customers and the use of modern technology to improve the service they offer.

    Konditorei Oberlaa

    Oberlaa, a traditional Viennese bakery and confectionary store with ten branches spread across the city, offers premium quality cakes and patisserie to its discerning customers. SCOOP & SPOON has managed to provide the confectionary store with a fantastic platform, with which the business can showcase its beautiful products and great locations.

    Our Success

    Although these four clients each have very different brands and different challenges, they have a shared appreciation of how we got to deeply understand them and their values. We have used technology as an enabler for all four customers, using solutions across multiple channels to ensure the elements that distinguish each of them – their brand values and history – are communicated in an integrated way.

    So in all cases modernization did not dilute the brand – it strengthened it. And innovation increased distinctiveness rather than diminishing it.