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    Digital Ecosystem for AVL

    Scoop & Spoon

    The Big Picture

    SCOOP & SPOON built a multi-channel platform called AVL Digital for global automotive technology leader AVL. This unites the various divisions, locations, products, services and solutions of AVL into a single platform that is useful and usable for all of its users.

    We knew that content needs to be available for AVL customers anytime, anywhere, and that it needs to be useful and accessible – across a range of devices.


    This clearly required a combination of creative thinking, user experience design and backend technical solutions to deliver a seamlessly connected AVL experience across multiple channels for a variety of internal and external users. This great user experience also needs to deliver direct business benefits to AVL in terms of knowledge about its customers.

    Focus on Design

    Refreshing the AVL brand and making it more powerful, dynamic and emotional were all key to establishing a site that prioritizes user engagement and usability.

    We designed a new website and a suite of apps that provide a seamless experience for users regardless of the device that they are using. A consistent ecosystem with a powerful backend means that content is cleverly designed to be available to the user in the way that they want it. Intelligent user experience design and a variety of tools create a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

    Focus on Technology

    The new platform enables:
    • Real-time integration across multiple channels and back end systems
    • Support for multiple selling channels – web, mobile, social, store, call center to provide consistent pricing, promotions and brand experiences across channels of customer engagement.
    • Customised user journeys that open up opportunities for customer dialogue and conversion
    • Analytics and behavioral tracking that allow for measurability and targeted campaigns

    The Results

    SCOOP & SPOON has transformed AVL’s entire business with a digital platform that benefits external and internal users and creates new direct opportunities for marketing, selling and fulfillment with precision marketing, merchandising tools, site search, customer experience management, catalog and content management, social commerce and advanced starter stores.

    The new AVL Digital platform produced astonishing results. Here are some highlights: