Dr. Seidel Website - SCOOP & SPOON
06 February 2017

Dr. Seidel Website

Unique user experience, informative content, consistent corporate design, and state-of-the-art web technologies – that is the digital added value of the new website SCOOP & SPOON has created for Dr. Gerald Seidel, a leading Austrian ophthalmologist. The website enables Dr. Seidel to convey his expertise and professional approach in the field of ophthalmology and provides his patients with easy-to-use content, which can be viewed on all devices – stationary and mobile.

Functioning as a digital “business card”, the new website reflects Dr. Seidel’s professionalism and expertise which he gained from holding numerous seminars and extensive scientific research. Furthermore, users and potential patients have the possibility of easily connecting with each other on social media platforms, thus utilizing all options of the stylish and user-friendly web presence.

For more information, you can view our full showcase here.