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13 November 2020

Fine Wine, Variety and Brand Positioning

Many deep and intense conversations happen over a glass of wine. People enthusiastically philosophize over colour, smell, and taste. But what makes wine, fine? Often this boils down to opinion, for it is only through the abundance of impressions that a variety of interpretations are created – and thus, you will find a diverse range of wines that make it increasingly difficult to distinguish between fine wine and the ordinary if it can be distinguished at all.

At this point, a well-thought-out brand (re)positioning comes into play.

Wine is characterized by the unique interaction of its individual elements. Wine is unique in the way its heritage and origin are. Wine is diverse in taste. If you look at it, swirl it in a glass, it is artful, elegant, it reveals its beautiful colour. But fine, sophisticated wine with a unique character needs the joy of experimentation and curiosity, passion and enthusiasm, manual labour, and a great deal of courage to leave the beaten track and explore new territory. For a wine like this, you have to let go of what is – to get involved with what should be.

Letting go, developing curiosity for novelty, questioning what is tried and tested, and thinking in new ways. All this is just as essential if companies, brands, or products want to reinvent themselves.

This is exactly what we do at SCOOP & SPOON every day. We challenge ourselves and each other to transform our work and ourselves to go from “usual” to “exceptional”. In this way, we can produce fine wine for our clients – that is, unique solutions with character. In doing so, SCOOP & SPOON considers topics on an abstract level. We look behind the world of wine and consider how we translate the fascinating elements into the world of branding. Thus, elements such as diversity and harmony are transferred into an adequate means to strategically position a brand. As a consequence, the brand is presented abstractly. What makes a brand good, or fine? Just like wine, matured, and consolidated in its being, artful in its facets, a brand is diverse in its perception. A strong, clear (re-)positioning is therefore essential for companies. It is important to emphasise the individual elements, to enhance the unique character, to emotionally support its very special note.

It is precisely these elements of uniqueness and diversity that SCOOP & SPOON captures for clients to develop an emotional repositioning that is visually reflected in a spectrum of elements and flatters the brand as a whole – like a fine glass of wine flatters the palate. We give the client’s brand a boost and make it unique and distinguished – like a bottle of fine wine. So, cheers!

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