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26 November 2020

Headless Intelligence

The headache-free solution

The Sicilian ceramic heads known as Testa di Moro, are works of art that have inspired people around the world for centuries. They were shaped and painted by hand, sometimes colourful and eye-catching, others plain and with simple diluted colours.

For SCOOP & SPOON, the ceramic heads represent the websites and digital platforms we create for our clients. It’s the combination of our creativity and expertise in our daily craft that allows us to create the many custom heads required to form good UX Design.

Ever since our foundation, content management systems have served as constant companions in our daily work. Initially, we followed the traditional approach – a monolithic Content Management System (CMS) for all functionalities, browsers and apps. However, based on increasing demand, the need to access data across all touch points has become ever more complex.

It quickly became clear that customer experience has evolved from the initial two-dimensional way of thinking. This evolution has developed from web vs. mobile, online vs. off and digital vs. physical. Today though, it has evolved into a complex multi-dimensional hybrid architecture.

A trio consisting of our competencies in back and front-end development, as well as new technical possibilities (such as cloud computing, RESTful services and JavaScript application frameworks like Angular) has enabled us to meet the growing demands of marketing and UX. This has led to our strategic decision to take UX one step further.

In terms of user experience, the most important thing about headless architecture is not rapid agile development, TCO, scalability, better SLA’s or continuous improvement. But, the ability to spread as many heads as required while delivering the consistent customer experience our clients have rightfully grown to expect.

The list of success stories is extensive and continues to grow.

A great example is the centralized delivery of corporate content – for a global leader and innovation-driven company – to multiple platforms such as websites, apps, internal and external digital event platforms and even third-party platforms. This is coupled with the added advantage that content only needs to be created, categorized and updated once, not for each platform.

SCOOP & SPOON uses the headless and decoupled approach not only to present content on different channels, but also to integrate customer engagement features, that provide a seamless customer experience. Read more about this in our upcoming articles on Limitless Interactions and Data Accessibility.

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