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    Helmut List Halle Website Relaunch

    SCOOP & SPOON for Helmut List Halle


    Prestigious, multifaceted, highly equipped: The Helmut List Halle, situated in the northern part of Graz, is known to be the host of the most extravagant and special events in the city. Accordingly, the website is supposed to represent the many features the event location has to offer, keeping in mind its long-standing experience and understanding for culture and entertainment. In order to achieve the best representation possible, SCOOP & SPOON has designed a major relaunch of the homepage based on the latest standards in the design and development of a state-of-the-art website.


    The major challenges included three dimensions: The look & feel had to follow contemporary trends in website design, the structure of the website had to be reorganized in order to directly address the target groups and the existing CMS had to be updated and connected to the new one, maintaining the option for updates.


    The design has undergone an update whilst maintaining its existing elements of corporate identity and thus ensuring the value of brand recognition. According to the latest trend “mobile first”, the design was made responsive and attractive for a customer journey via mobile devices.

    Using the latest HTML-/CSS technology, the customer journey was adapted to the needs of the users, distinguishing between visitors and exhibitors and thus making the navigation simple and intuitive. The new and improved website combines a simple and fresh design with an optimized targeting strategy and a state-of-the-art backend.