History - SCOOP & SPOON

Digital rules the world – a trend we anticipated many moons ago.

2006 – The first phonebook on a sim card

Big, heavy and, safe for a few sporadic instances, mostly just collecting dust – traditional phonebooks might come in handy at home or in the office but are completely useless when you are out and about. In collaboration with Herold, we have created the smallest phonebook ever: a smart card connected to Herold’s data base, providing users with over 400 Million contacts. Once put in the smart phone, the chip automatically updates the phone’s phonebook, saying goodbye to the good old days of “caller unknown”.

2007 – Austria’s first digital campaign

Grazer Verkehrsbetriebe
The city of Graz suffers from the highest levels of fine particulate pollution in Austria. As this is mainly down to increased levels of road traffic, we created a mobile campaign for the city’s public transport company “Grazer Verkehrsbetriebe” that encourages drivers to switch to public transport to combat air pollution. Users could register via text message to the mobile service and automatically receive a free public transport ticket on the days the fine particulate levels were especially high.

2007 – First mobile-based youth campaign

Super-Ei Campaign
In a bold move to raise awareness among the youth about the consequences of drinking alcohol when driving, the Styrian government asked us to create a campaign that would appeal to the younger generations. We came up with a comprehensive “Super-Ei” campaign that includes several film spots, folders and stickers that were distributed among schools, universities and cinemas, as well YouTube and the website .superei.at. To give youngsters a better understanding of the negative influences of alcohol, the spots even feature “sober” and “under the influence” versions that they can play on their mobile phones.

2007 – Austria’s first 2D code-based campaign

Spanische Hofreitschule
Ever received a text message straight from the horse stables? No? Then let us introduce you to the Spanish Riding School’s “SMS aus dem Pferdestall”. In a world’s first, we set up a mobile messaging service for fans of the famous white Lippizzaner horses. Targeted at the younger demographic, the text messaging service not only provides the latest news and events about the Spanish Riding School and its Lippizzaner stud in Piber but also raffles and reduced-price tickets via 2D code. We are the first agency in Austria to implement the predecessor of QR codes in a mobile campaign.

2008 – Europe’s first presentation on “mobile first”

Cannes Lions
The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the largest gathering of worldwide advertising professionals, designers, digital marketers and innovators. More than 10,000 registered delegates from more than 90 countries visit the festival each year to celebrate the best of creativity in brand communication, discuss industry issues and network. In 2008, SCOOP & SPOON hosted a creative workshop discussing interactive mobile marketing under the motto “3×3 cm: New Room for Creativity?”. In this, we suggest that mobile campaigns need to be tailored especially to the mobile users and more than mere text message add-ons. A Cannes first at the time.

2008 – Europe’s first mobile banking communication platform

“Pin to Win” is one of several campaigns we created for Austria’s biggest bank, Raiffeisen. Users are encouraged to subscribe to the mobile service “Raiffeisen mobil” to stay up to date on the latest offerings of Raiffeisen as well as the chance to receive a multitude of great voucher offers via text message. One simple text message is all it takes to make use of this handy bank service. The campaign reached considerably more people than the TV spot.

2010 – First social media-based shoe brand

OMG – after LOL probably the most famous social media abbreviation and omnipresent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Co. Tapping into urban youth language, we have created a special brand for shoe seller “Leder und Schuh”. OMG is a modern brand specially designed “for girls only”. To round it all off, we also designed and implemented a fitting landing page, Facebook, Twitter, online and mobile campaign.

2010 – Germany’s first mobile magazine app

Brand eins App
Brand eins is not your ususal economy magazine. Brand eins is different. That is why SCOOP & SPOON designed an iPad app that would do the innovative content of Germany’s biggest business magazine justice. Featuring additional audio links, photo galleries and the option to share via social media, the app offers more than one reason to switch to the mobile version of the Brand eins magazine.
The app was designed even before the iPad was officially released by Apple. As the icing on the cake, our Brand eins App succeeded in something no other app had done before: shortly after their release, our apps were already part of another huge project: it is the first German-speaking economy magazine App featuring in the official Europe launch film of Apple’s iPad.

2012 – Germany’s first app for a high-circulation people magazine

Bunte App
The Bunte magazine is one of Germany’s most influential and most-read people magazines. Selling more than 580.000 print issues per week, Bunte also needed a way into the growing mobile market. With handy additional features like videos and interactive picture galleries, we designed and developed an app that brings the analogue content of the Bunte magazine to life. With the Bunte ePaper App by SCOOP & SPOON users can also share interesting news or the latest celebrity looks with friends and family via social media. The app also sends out automatic notifications when a new issue is online, making sure subscribers never miss an issue again.

2012 – the first office in London

S&S Creative Lab in London
In 2012, SCOOP & SPOON ventured across the Channel to open its Creative Lab in the middle of London’s thriving creative scene at Soho Square. With our new office, we set foot into the lively and highly competitive creative scene in Britain, making a name for ourselves and gaining international recognition by winning the prestigious Lovie Award for our HLH Event App, which is also an honouree for the New York Webby Awards. We cultivate the special bond between the UK and Austria on a daily basis and have even brought the UK’s most iconic digital get-together, the Digital Podge Lunch, to Austria for the very first time in 2015.

2014 – First worldwide digital ecosystem

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and testing technology of powertrains for passenger cars, trucks and large engines, with more than 45 subsidiaries located all over the world. In an epic project, we built a multi-channel platform called AVL Digital, which unites the various divisions, locations, products, services and solutions of AVL into a single platform. This platform allows users and AVL’s customers to access AVL content anytime, anywhere across a range of devices with a unique user experience. The new AVL Digital platform produced astonishing results, such as a 500% increase in unique website visitors and a plus of 176,000 Likes on Facebook.

2016 – World premiere – event app & sweet spot streaming

MercedesCup Tennis App
Every year, thousands of people follow their tennis icons on the grass court in Stuttgart, Germany, to see who will snap up 250 world-ranking points, the MercedesCup crown and a brand-new Mercedes-Benz. In cooperation with famous digital powerhouse Red Bull Media House Technology, we set out to revolutionise the way in which we watch one of the most competitive sports ever. In combining live streams, videos from a sweet spot perspective – with cameras attached to the ball boys and girls – the multifunctional app platform and individually customizable content, the app provides a completely new and fascinating dimension to the game. The customisable snippet feature adds interactive fun to our ultimate event app. Our MercedesCup Tennis App also received a lot of love and recognition from the international marketing community. The app received the Lovie Award twice in 2017 and was nominated for the Drum Dream Awards (2016), the Drum Marketing Awards (2017), the Drum MOMA Awards (2017) and the Webby Awards (2017).

2017 – First worldwide researched Brand Content for Research Company

SCOOP & SPOON developed a brand-new instrument, called “The Irvine 7”, with the AVL Cultural Foundation and the New York-based artist Andy Cavatorta. The heart of the instrument is a set of worldwide unique crystals of the globally active high-tech company AVL.
For this customer, SCOOP & SPOON created a brand movie that accentuates the parallels between science and art which reflect AVL’s goal to provide its customers endless opportunities for developing their vehicle solutions. The futuristic sound of “The Irvine 7” resonates throughout the entire brand movie, the visualisation technology created by SCOOP & SPOON complementing the acoustic experience of the instrument with its optical realisation.
The branding campaign that followed consisted of three components: website, social media and mobile advertising. Its main goal was to expand the global remarketing system to include engineers. Seven different video teasers were used in animated banners.
With these banners, teaser videos, canvas ads and the brand movie itself, overall 28 million engineers could be reached on several channels within 60 days. Together, the teaser videos and the brand movie were watched for 590 days in total around the world.

2018 – New Office in Prishtina

In January 2018 SCOOP & SPOON takes another step toward international success – by opening the new office in Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo. By doing so, we are now represented at four locations in three countries. Prishtina is an important financial and business centre on the Balkan. With approximately 200,000 inhabitants it is not only the biggest city in the country but also a young, vibrant and creative hotspot for artistic minds and digital professionals in the Southeast of Europe. The next step for SCOOP & SPOON: to win exactly these talents to establish a development team.

2018 – Talk to Andy

SCOOP & SPOON gets a voice
The future of marketing lies with voice and thus in the integration and application of virtual assistants That is why we developed our very own digital voice assistant named after our company mascot. Developed as Google Action and Amazon Skill SCOOP & SPOON “trained” Andy to provide users with suitable information about our services, competences and projects. By doing so, we learned more about VUI and speech recognition technology to broaden our skills in the areas of Artificial Intelligence. Andy is not only entertaining but enables customised information. With our voice assistant we are able to expand our company’s brand by increasing user experience and interaction. With Andy we are prepared for the new era of voice technologies.

2019 – New Office in Munich

S&S Continues to Grow
In the beginning of 2019 SCOOP & SPOON became even bigger. With the opening of our office space in Munich – which is ideally located en route from Graz to London – we have the opportunity to enhance our relations with our German-speaking clients and provide even greater and tailor-made consulting services. Munich is well-known as an excellent recruiting spot for IT and Marketing. With operating offices in Graz, Vienna, London, Prishtina and now Munich, SCOOP & SPOON is currently present in a total of five cities employing over 70 members of staff.

2020 – SCOOP & SPOONs first digital Event Platform awarded number one in Europe

SCOOP & SPOON has never been an event company. But in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when companies around the globe shifted their real-world events into the online space, SCOOP & SPOON made it to the forefront of the digital event planning industry. Responding to a need to set up digital events based on internet principles, the company leveraged its expertise in digitalisation, rethought what the virtual event experience could look like and developed the SCOOP 360° event platform. With this solution, event organisers could plan their events to be held online without sacrificing impact or effectiveness. This turned what had been conventional virtual events into immersive, emotional online experiences. By the end of the year, several globally-relevant clients – including ABUS, the Austrian National Tourist Office, AVL, Allianz and the Museum of Modern Art in New York – had used the SCOOP 360° event platform with astonishing success, and SCOOP & SPOON has now set a new standard for digital events. The results – and the many awards SCOOP & SPOON won for this event innovation – speak for themselves.