Rebranding the Royal Lancaster London Hotel - SCOOP & SPOON


    Scoop & Spoon


    Royal Lancaster London, an independent luxury hotel at the heart of the British capital near Hyde Park, needed to update its online presence to reflect the new identity and brand. The idea was to provide a modern and visually arresting website that also features tailored functional sections which will tangibly upgrade the user journey, prolong website visits and increase direct bookings.


    SCOOP & SPOON were tasked with an exercise in balance: developing a contemporary and fresh portal while at the same time paying tribute to the hotel’s history (spanning half a century). Also, the website needed to be flexible enough to present a different face to the different core audiences, namely leisure guests and event organisers. All the while, we needed to take into account the ever-evolving conversation of where luxury hospitality is headed in the next 10 years.


    We worked with transparent processes from the conceptualisation to the go-live phase: By providing the customer with an interactive prototype, we could develop both back- and frontend and implement design and content without disrupting traffic on the already existing website.


    The new website created reflects the new look and feel of the hotel after its rebranding and supports the newly defined brand identity and values. It enables Royal Lancaster London to convey their services and luxurious elements in an elegant and modern way. You can view the website here.