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    Learning from the Young

    Scoop & Spoon

    The Big Picture

    “Learning From The Young” is an initiative with the goal to open up room for the freedom in creativity. On the one hand, it is supposed to help young trainees and apprenticeships grow and develop ideas without limits. On the other hand, young people receive the opportunity to learn how to understand and deal with the opinion of professionals by means of an interdisciplinary approach.


    The world is filled with inspiration that stems from different sources, reaching from online platforms to real life situations. The motivation of the initiative: The chance to support ideas, think outside of the box and form tomorrow’s digital world.

    The Insight

    Right from the beginning, SCOOP & SPOON discovered the significance of bringing young, creative people together with some of Europe’s most prestigious enterprises. We provide creative, young and talented people with the room, time and infrastructures necessary to embrace new forms of creativity.

    • No constraints, no briefings, no deadlines – just constant feedback and evaluation.

    The goal

    • Building a frame for innovative concepts in real business situations and thus opening up new perspectives.
    • Finding a mutual language for designers, developers and marketing experts
    • Sharing, becoming viral and gathering feedback
    • Enabling different approaches
    • Facilitating the collaboration between design, development and marketing

    The idea

    Becoming interdisciplinary as a result of merging partial aspects of approaches.

    SCOOP & SPOON has established interdisciplinary approaches as a natural process in our work culture. For this reason, we can operate independently of strict processes and structures.

    No constraints, no briefings, no deadlines – just constant feedback and evaluation.


    As a result, we are able to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and stay on top of the quickly developing digital world. Our clients benefit from this young and fresh approach by experiencing raw ideas before they are limited to fit existing frames. This way they actively take part in the creative process and thus experience the inspiring and exciting journey first hand.

    Open Lab Nights

    Open Lab Nights offer the ideal platform for developing new ideas in the form of a project. For this purpose, a well-known brand and a team of young designers, developers and aspiring marketing talents get chosen. Starting from scratch, the group is supposed to develop ideas and concepts for the chosen brand.


    The first Open Lab Night organized by the Learning from the Young initiative resulted in a concept for the digital appearance of the world famous brand Sacher. The team, which consisted of young talented designers, started experimenting without any input or briefing. The results were presented to Matthias Winkler, CEO Sacher, who was amazed: “Your ideas are impressive, unbelievably innovative and very informative.”