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    MercedesCup Tennis App

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    Game, set and match for SCOOP & SPOON: for the first time ever – and on the occasion of the famous MercedesCup (June 4-12, 2016 in Stuttgart), which features tennis stars such as Roger Federer, Philipp Kohlschreiber and Dominic Thiem – SCOOP & SPOON presented the “MercedesCup Tennis App“ on June 5th. SCOOP & SPOON CEO, Michael Ksela: “We have created the ultimate event app for two core applications: on the one hand, it enables event marketers to provide brands with content generated from the event; on the other hand, thanks to the intelligent integration of brand and event content, brands can easily interact with their target audience and realise their marketing goals.” The shots taken with the ball boys and girls’ cameras are a true world premiere, confirms the ATP. Content streaming onto the app started Monday, June 6th, 2016.

    Second Screen App

    Content streams will be fed onto the app platform by SCOOP & SPOON and delivered to the users in real time. Thus, app users are not only able to experience the live stream via second screen mode, they can also create and customise their own seven-second snippets, which they can then share on their own platforms. The users’ customized special effects are fed back to SCOOP & SPOON’s business analytics module, thus allowing brands to interactively engage with their target audience. The most original snippets with the most views will be featured in the app’s very own “Hall of Fame.”

    Sweet Spots

    What is especially intriguing is the fact that the ball boys and girls are now equipped with cameras, allowing for a completely new perspective in this well-known game. Within the context of exhibitions, even the players will be apparelled with cameras. 

    Foto: MercedesCup/Philippe Ruiz

    Foto: MercedesCup/Philippe Ruiz