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    Process Automatisation for MoDrive

    Scoop & Spoon


    To provide services such as replacement cars easier, faster and more flexible than ever before – to reach this goal, Austrian automotive trading and service company Wiesenthal Group wanted to simplify their internal processes for their service MO’Drive. SCOOP & SPOON’s idea was to develop a management tool that combined all relevant data and points of the customer journey in one place, thereby simplifying and speeding up the company’s order processing management.


    The major challenge for SCOOP & SPOON was to establish one tool that would work as a solution for dealing with the huge variety of tasks and information that MO’Drive experiences on a daily basis. Users need to be able to access the services at any given time or from any given device, so the web app (company) and driver’s app (customer) created by SCOOP & SPOON absolutely need to work in sync at any given moment to e.g. recognise the user or to avoid double bookings of one and the same car. At the same time, the tool should provide a future solution for B2B partners to help them enter the Austrian carpooling market.


    Before you can simplify the processes, you have to understand the complexities behind them first. Therefore, SCOOP & SPOON regularly consulted with MO’Drive to gain the knowledge needed to streamline the internal processes and help discharge resources. As a next step, we started to gather all relevant data, which we would need for visualizing, tracking and processing. With these, we developed a management tool that collects all this information in one place – be it drivers’, clients’, pool, partner and order information, or data on rates and contracts – to support two new applications.


    SCOOP & SPOON’s solution supports two apps – a user – friendly web management application and a special app for drivers. The web app, created for a variety of users such as MO’Drive employees as well as B2B clients, serves to simplify and speed up order processes, keep track of damages and claims settlements and to stay in control of drivers, fleets, orders, costs and more.

    The app for drivers (connected to the web app) makes it quick and easy to accept or reject an offer. It also helps to collect important data and track the status quo when handing over a car. With this, MO’Drive gains a complete overview of and control over each order status. The new system is as safe from manipulation as possible (e.g. drivers ‘tweaking’ time or mileage) and usable as a source for reporting and billing by MO’Drive employees.