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    Charity for Mongolia Rally

    Scoop & Spoon


    SCOOP & SPOON is proud to have supported a team that took part in the “Mongolia Charity Rally” in 2018. This annual adventure starts in Bern, Switzerland, and ends in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia a month later. Participating teams cover thousands of kilometres and cross up to 20 countries, raising money for charity along the way.
    Father-and-son duo, #teamlederhosen, used the epic journey to collect money for the Mongolian branch of ‘SOS-Kinderdorf’, an Austrian non-profit organisation which provides humanitarian assistance to children in need.

    SCOOP & SPOON helped #teamlederhosen by creating a powerful digital presence, which – in the spirit of their charitable endeavour – was provided free of charge. It consisted of an informative website and an accompanying social media campaign to invite people and companies in Austria to donate and raise money by sharing the team’s content, which they published during their journey to Mongolia. SCOOP & SPOON also designed the livery for the team’s rally car, featuring their sponsors’ logos.


    The team’s online presence needed to achieve two goals. The first was to raise money for ‘SOS-Kinderdorf’. This was accomplished by a website that helped attract sponsorship before the rally began. The second was to promote consistent audience engagement as easily as possible during the rally –– from anywhere in the world – to raise awareness for ‘SOS-Kinderdorf’ and encourage donations. Considering the occasionally poor digital infrastructure in some of the countries on their route, Facebook was chosen as the most available and reliable channel for SCOOP & SPOON’s accompanying social media campaign.


    As soon as the team started their journey, we added a tracking system to the website that updated whenever they passed a new city or entered a new country. A status display indicated the number of kilometres, hours and countries as they progressed. A gallery showed some pictures, but the bulk of these was shared on #teamlederhosen’s new Facebook page. Status updates were published at least once a day, accompanied by pictures and sometimes interesting trivia about the journey.


    In total, 27 Facebook posts were made for the team, receiving 27,284 impressions, and engaging 1,614 users. In Prishtina, Kosovo, we managed to attract the attention of a TV channel, which further helped raise awareness of the team’s charitable adventure. By the time #teamlederhosen made it to Ulaanbaatar, a total of €9,929.45 had been raised for ‘SOS-Kinderdorf’. After the rally, the team’s car – a Renault Kangoo utility vehicle – was also donated to a start-up in Mongolia.