Newborn - SCOOP & SPOON
08 January 2021


The Newborn Monument (NEWBORN) is a typographic sculpture and tourist attraction in Pristina, Kosovo. The monument was unveiled the day that Kosovo formally declared its independence. “Newborn” was chosen for the power to describe the birth of a new country, and present Kosovo as a new country.

The slogans meanings citizens found in the monument are: “NEW life is BORN”, “NEW hope is BORN”, “NEW future is BORN”, “NEW country is BORN”, which in our case the word country would mean location and I found it remarkably similar the meaning of monument with SCOOP & SPOON new location in Prishtina.

Some of us who work here are generations that have experienced war and the moment you experience freedom you feel like you are reborn, and opportunity like working for SCOOP & SPOON it is an enormous success, our life stories, and our way up to here is luckily something others can only imagine, we have shown the same passion to work hard and show the world that we can be equal to you develop sites and reach the same level as in other European countries.

This proves the fact that we work for an Austrian company. The company has amazing clients, on which we have developed websites.

When we first started, we have developed small projects with WordPress which in that time was a tremendous success for us, and now we have made it to life the idea of Simon for SCOOP 360 platform, unlike the other technologies, we have combined virtual, real images, Angular and WordPress in which these 360 data rooms are already on another level.

Long story short, we are Newborns in SCOOP & SPOON, with full energy, and proud to mention the projects that have worked and been awarded, used around the world, such as ‘Tour de France’ for Abus, ‘Austrian Tourism’ showroom, Climate and Mobility Event for AVL, Abus Real Estate, Abus Virtual Fair data room, and this is the feeling that you have crossed all boundaries.

The opportunities offered by the company is extraordinary, because we do not feel limited even though we do not have free movement to other countries, and I am not even shy to mention that my first trip by plane was for one of the company events, and that has been an indescribable feeling.


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