14 January 2021


Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic the shift to digitalisation is accelerating faster than ever. As a result, demand for our unique SCOOP 360° concept has increased greatly. With this pioneering solution, we can tackle the massive challenge of hosting and running a client’s event on a digital level, often for many hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

The effectiveness of this unique approach proved itself once again, when we were called upon to digitalise a huge, three-day event for a client, an independent global automotive development company.

Such digital events hosted on the SCOOP 360° platform are a great example for how SCOOP & SPOON creates outstanding solutions that help our clients communicate through innovative digital channels. This is especially important in these difficult times when conventional techniques may not be as effective. This approach also highlights how we can effectively deliver value to our clients in a user-friendly, highly engaging way.

What makes SCOOP 360° so extraordinary is the way we can combine a varied set of modules and create customised results that have a distinctive look and feel in a simple, easy-to-use platform. There are essentially no limits to what can be included in this environment. For our latest project, our platform provided keynote speeches, presentations and expert talks in form of 80 on-demand and live-streamed video sessions, along with plenty of opportunities for interaction and networking. We created a ‘Question Corner’ for users to communicate with expert speakers, feedback opportunities for each session, as well as bookmark and filter functionality for a better user experience. A special feature also allowed visitors to generate their own unique wallpapers for their phones and computers in the style of our client’s brand identity.

Our 360° platform is a great example of how we are using the technology and world-leading expertise of our SCOOP & SPOON marketing landscape to help clients flourish in an unpredictable world.