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05 December 2018

SCOOP & SPOON – World-Class Innovation, Global Recognition

Behind the technical excellence of global automotive engineering firm AVL is the philosophy that the creative processes involved in advanced technical innovation are the same as those employed in the creation of fine art.

The philosophy not only underpins the work of AVL and its scientists, but also the work of SCOOP & SPOON, which supports AVL in its marketing, its online presence, and through the work of its partner organisation, the AVL Cultural Foundation. This synergy between two forward-thinking industry leaders results in intelligent solutions that are not only eye-catching but also ground breaking. And this has garnered international attention at the highest levels.

Nominated for four prestigious awards on both sides of the Atlantic, SCOOP & SPOON’s marketing activities with the AVL Cultural Foundation, the inspiring and innovative AVL Brand Journey campaign and the development of a new digital ecosystem for AVL have received a series of accolades. At The Drum B2B Awards in New York, the Drum Awards in London and the Kulturmarkenawards in Berlin, SCOOP & SPOON received recognition alongside brands such as Porsche, Uber, and Harley Davidson.

SCOOP & SPOON is turning heads around the world by combining art and science to create innovative solutions.