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    Pachleitner Jewelry App

    Scoop & Spoon


    The Pachleitner Jewelry App transfers the beauty of high-quality jewelry into the digital world. The app designed by SCOOP & SPOON makes shopping for jewelry an exciting adventure.


    The main objective was to create a user-friendly app that speaks to a younger target audience by providing new and exclusive content and info about the latest happenings at Pachleitner and its Flaship Store.


    The Pachleitner Jewelry App brings exclusive jewelry creations and latest trends onto the mobile screen – whenever, wherever. Users can even pick their favourite item and share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter & Co. The integrated map feature guides users straight to the Pachleitner Flagship Store.

    In the app’s exclusive Pachleitner lifestyle blog CEO and designer Sabine Ksela-Pachleitner writes about her discoveries on her travels that provide her with her inspiration.
    The app also features great ideas and offers for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.