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    Pachleitner Jewelry Website

    Scoop & Spoon


    Pachleitner wanted to showcase the beauty and fascinating attraction of their jewelry in a completely fresh and original way to create new perspectives and expectations. With the new website by SCOOP & SOON, this vision has come true. User-friendly, innovative design and integrated social media platforms vividly portray more than 60 years of experience in the jewelry and design scenes.


    The exclusive jewelry and creations of Pachleitner needed to be at the heart of the new website along with high usability and a strong link to the social media activities of Pachleitner. The vast selection of stylish products had to be clearly arranged, easy to find and presented in an inviting manner.


    Pachleitner’s digital presence now strengthens its brand image throughout its digital channels. The user-friendly design engages and encourages visitors to stay on the Pachleitner website to comfortably browse through the breathtaking jewelry collections. The responsive new website is complemented by integrated social media platforms to highlight user experience.