The SCOOP Social Workshop Volume II - SCOOP & SPOON
18 October 2019

The SCOOP Social Workshop Volume II

What is the Beauty of Marketing? How do you ask the right marketing questions? And how do you make sure you don’t get lost in the complex jungle of digital opportunities?

To help forward-looking industry leaders answer these questions, we’ve invited a selected few of them to join us at the SCOOP & SPOON London office in trendy Covent Garden for the second edition of “The SCOOP Social Workshop”. Industry insiders from CAA, Red Bull Media House, ACTEN and AVL engaged with our award-winning international team in a roundtable discussion on challenges in the digital future, audience engagement and the fine art of marketing best practice.

With a wealth of inspiring ideas, the workshop focused on limitless user action and real-time data visualization, and how combining the two can unleash unexpected opportunities in digital marketing environments. Throughout the day, the workshop group shared their experiences, discussed their views on the digital future and defined the creation of meaningful brand experiences. We were able to highlight that the necessary competences and tools to succeed in digital marketing are growing closer together – and that it will be the synergy and interplay between them that will create intelligent solutions that are not only eye-catching, but also groundbreaking.

Of course, a true SCOOP Social would be incomplete without a great evening do. Together with their co-host, Austrian Trade Commissioner Christian Kesberg, Michael and Sabine Ksela inivited the workshop participants to enjoy a glass of Austrian wine and some hearty snacks at the Austrian Embassy. A fitting end to a very successful day.