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In a mobile driven world, we make brands accessible to their customers.

The Digital Innovation Speedboat Agency

What makes us so special?

Making the relevant accessible

We help businesses to merge their content and information into a single, highly usable ecosystem. This makes content accessible at the right time, for the right target group – be it internal or external – and for the right marketplace – be it B2B or B2C. This helps businesses get the best out of their mobile driven world, for the most effective marketing and sales results.

Brand Value

Things don't always need to be completely changed or reinvented in order to be digitalized. Preserving distinctiveness and heritage is important to maintaining an outstanding brand. We enhance business success not by diluting brands but by translating them into brands that work across all channels.

Our services

Digital Strategy
Digital Marketing
Digital Analytics
Software Development
Software Suite
Customer support

Ecosystems across the whole customer journey

We work with our clients across the whole customer journey – not just during marketing and sales processes. We produce omni-channel ecosystems that help our clients to speak directly to their customers. We are able to do this through our combined expertise in technology, marketing and design – this means we have a strategic, integrated approach to solving our clients’ business challenges.


SCOOP & SPOON was formed by international marketing expert, Michael Ksela, in 2005. Our interdisciplinary expertise presents a genuinely integrated agency with back end pragmatism, front end flair and strategic nous.
We have built up an impressive international team of experts with multi-disciplinary cutting-edge know-how.

SCOOP & SPOON Enterprise Solution Modules

Our software suite consists of innovative modules which we can combine and deploy quickly and effectively for each individual ecosystem. In combining our expertise in communication technology, design and marketing, we support our customers throughout the whole customer journey.

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