Survival of the Fittest? - SCOOP & SPOON
16 December 2019

Survival of the Fittest?

Being the best in the world to, the best in the market at this moment, is a great thing. But what about tomorrow?
If there‘s something that the automotive industry knows for sure, it‘s that nothing stays still. Now, more than ever, with the transformation from combustion to electrification under way, and the ongoing global push to reduce emissions, this is not about winning today, but leading in a race that will never end. It’s not enough to survive. We must thrive.

Winning a Race That Never Ends
We can play the finite game, and understand the state of the market today. If we get this right we might win some market share tomorrow. And then… who knows?
But if we play the infinite game, understanding that change is the nature of our business and that innovation is the way we embrace it, then winning becomes not just our goal, but our state of being.

If there is anything the automotive industry is familiar with, it’s change. Innovation, efficiency and evolution all drive change, and as an industry we must facilitate it, keep up with it, and drive it.