The Year of Ordinary Heroes - SCOOP & SPOON

The Year of Ordinary Heroes


As the days grow shorter and another year draws to a close, it’s time to throw a log on the fire, put on a thicker jumper and look back over the last twelve months. 2020 has been a year that nobody expected. And as every organisation around the world moved to adapt and flex in order to keep going despite these new and unique challenges, it was the people – and not the organizations – who stood out.

It was the frontline workers saving lives in our hospitals, stacking shelves in our shops, collecting our garbage in the streets — ordinary people — who were the real heroes. And even the biggest organisations revealed their human side as they tried to figure out how to adapt to this unprecedented global situation.

For some companies it meant facing difficult decisions, for others it meant adapting to new ways of working. At SCOOP & SPOON it meant flexing and finding new opportunities where others could only see challenges. When we couldn’t be together in our offices, we called on our vast experience in digital communication to keep working together virtually.

SCOOP & SPOON is an international marketing brand, producing world-class solutions for amazing clients. And behind every project, every email, every new idea, is a person. Our people rose to the challenge of 2020, and from bedrooms, kitchen tables, and living rooms, we continued to provide the same professional service that we have always provided. SCOOP & SPOON is the brand name, but it is our skilled and passionate people who make us strong.

We’re extremely proud of our people. And so in 2020 we decided to update our brand to reflect what our people bring to our company. We are SCOOP & SPOON, and everything we do is “crafted by humans”.

And today, until we can all be together to embrace each other again, we would like to send our Seasons Greetings to you and your families.