SCOOP & SPOON designs web relaunch for children’s writer Thomas Brezina - SCOOP & SPOON
05 October 2015

SCOOP & SPOON designs web relaunch for children’s writer Thomas Brezina

The „Knickerbocker-Bande“ would be thrilled with this website: SCOOP & SPOON designed a comprehensive web relaunch for children’s writer and TV presenter Thomas Brezina.

The website is responsive and, due to its elaborate design, ideal for big screens as well as mobile devices.

Many new elements make the website more interactive than ever: mouse sensitive animations, audio snippets, Thomas’ tips on how to make a great school presentation and the chance to write your own story. User can write their own chapters to an existing book series, which will be featured in a digitally animated book on the website.

Thomas Brezina on his new website: “My new website is a meeting place for readers, where they can gather and share information. It should get people excited about reading and thrilled about new books – but also provide tips for a successful book presentation. The website is fun and shows in many ways that reading is an adventure.

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