Vision of a Smart City by SCOOP & SPOON - SCOOP & SPOON
03 February 2014

Vision of a Smart City by SCOOP & SPOON

SCOOP & SPOON made the impossible possible: in just one week, we developed an innovative website with a refined design that presents the project “Smart City” in a clever and clear way.

The term Smart City describes an energy-efficient, resource-saving and low-emission city that offers its residents the highest quality of life and combines living, working, leisure and local amenities. Innovative developments in the technology areas of buildings, energy networks and mobility are combined in an integrated planning process to create an entire urban system.

The innovative urban development project will be implemented at the Waagner-Biro former industrial site and will be implemented by June 2017. The project value of the demonstration project amounts to almost 25 million euros, with the Climate and Energy Fund contributing 4.2 million euros of this cost.

The city of Graz wanted an appealing website to raise public awareness of the project “Smart City ” – and wanted it live within a single week!

The design of the new website is based on the colours of Smart City and highlights the visual processing of facts and figures. Thanks to animated graphics, dry statistics have been made accessible and interesting to a wide audience. The website is based on the latest trends in website development: the long page is responsive and shift suitable for all media, from smart phones to tablets and TV screens.

Offline, there was also plenty to do for SCOOP & SPOON: we created the official press releases and posters as well as the layout for the press kit containing all important information about the innovative Smart City project.