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    Website Design

    SCOOP & SPOON for Hotel Sacher

    The Big Picture

    SCOOP & SPOON has helped to transfer all the great, iconic brilliance of the traditional Hotel Sacher brand onto a modern, multi-channel digital platform as print and magazine app that are connected to one another. This has made the appeal of Sacher accessible to an enormous global audience and has helped the hotel to grow commercially.

    Focus on design

    We understood that people need to have a “Sacher experience” whether they are visiting one of the hotels or engaging with the brand through one of the digital touchpoints – or reading the Sacher magazine. Everything has to exude the same high levels of service and quality – the cornerstones of Sacher’s reputation.

    Focus on Technology

    We combined cutting-edge technology with our proven experience in working with traditional brands to create a unique, characterful multi-platform digital experience for local customers and around the world.

    The Results

    While preserving the very special magic of Sacher – its uniquely intimate atmosphere and integral part within Viennese café culture – we have transformed the hotel’s brand and given it a powerful multi-channel communications platform with which to engage customers from around the world. This has already resulted in significant commercial success.


    • Online revenue Hotel Sacher Wien: Increased by 58%
    • Number of online reservations Hotel Sacher Wien: Increased by 51%
    • Conversion rate Hotel Sacher Wien 2014: 2.49%
    • Unique page views: Increased by 57%