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    The goal and idea of this exclusive digital project was to focus on Dr. Seidel and his surgery. As a leading ophthalmologist conducting a lot of research and holding many seminars, Dr. Seidel needed a state-of-the-art website showcasing both the surgery and his expertise. And since nowadays websites are often being used as digital “business cards”, the idea behind the project was to create a user-friendly, modern website functioning as a digital “billboard.”


    To create a state-of-the-art web presence and address all the challenging requirements, SCOOP & SPOON had to develop a website which is both stylish and modern in terms of design and usability, and informative at the same time. The website not only conveys the notion of years-long experience and professionalism but also communicates Dr. Seidel’s commitment to his patients. Moreover, it connects potential patients on social media platforms and helps users easily identify the added value of Dr. Seidel’s surgery.


    Dr. Seidel’s website not only offers full responsiveness for all devices but also addresses compatibility topics with the newest standards like HTML 5, JavaScript and jQuery. This makes the digital “business card” compatible with all devices – both stationary and mobile. In addition, the website inspires its users with unique usability – people interested in ophthalmology and potential patients can find exactly what they are looking for in just a few clicks. Moreover, the tailor-made corporate design not only reflects Dr. Seidel’s expertise online but also offline – print material like brochures and business cards help Dr. Seidel communicate added value with ease.


    High user experience, informative content, consistent corporate design, and modern web technologies – to name but a few – make up just a fraction of the total digital added value SCOOP & SPOON has created for Dr. Seidel. The new website enables Dr. Seidel to convey his expertise and professional approach in the field of ophthalmology in a modern manner. You can view the website here.