Mörwald Website Relaunch - SCOOP & SPOON

    Mörwald Website Relaunch


    The Challenge

    Innovative ideas, carefully learnt craft and his commitment to premium and regional products have made Toni Mörwald one of the most renowned and successful chefs in Austria. Our challenge was to convey the world of Toni Mörwald digitally in a way that is as impressive, attractive and engaging as it is in real life.

    The Insight

    Toni Mörwald is more than just an excellent chef. Between Michelin stars, Gault Millau toque, cooking schools, TV appearances and many more projects, the business of Toni Mörwald a multifaceted one. So we realised that it was essential that Toni Mörwald was positioned as a strong, origin-conscious but at the same time modern brand.

    With one click the users are transported directly into his fascinating world. Big, expressive pictures and informative, personal content highlight and emotionalise the brand and the products of Toni Mörwald.

    Our Strategy

    From the start, our main objective was clear: to put the world of Toni Mörwald into the limelight – without compromises. With a new and optimised structure, significantly improved usability and state of the art design, SCOOP & SPOON has managed to bring the website up to the latest standards without losing the uniqueness and character of the Toni Mörwald brand.

    Our Success

    With the winning formula combining marketing, design and technology SCOOP & SPOON has created a responsive website with clear brand expression. Clear structures combined with image-heavy design, minimal text elements and parallax effects unite to create an exciting user experience. The “Book A Table” online reservation tool is the icing on the cake in terms of functionality.